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Digital TherapeuticsRPMBig PharmaWorldwide

Remote patient monitoring program for patients suffering from IBD

This medical device solution was released 4 years ago. Designed with a big pharma company, we deployed it in 13 countries across EMEA region. Reimbursement models are being developed.

Clinical ResearchEuropeCROePROeCRFBig Pharma

A global leading CRO promotes our solutions for Big Pharma RWE studies

For the past 2 years, we have been providing our virtual trial solutions for Big Pharma companies’ observational/RWE studies: ePRO/eCOA/MD App & IoT Integration, for patient real-life data collection and new generation eCRF web platform for HCPs clinical data management.

Digital TherapeuticsRPMConnected deviceReimbursement

An innovative Chronic heart failure remote patient monitoring program

We prevent symptom worsening and hospitalizations. Our patient Companion App & direct-to-cloud integrated scale are synchronized to an HCP platform enabling real-time patient monitoring through a validated alert module. Our “CARDIO-HF” solution is reimbursed by the French Social Security.

Digital TherapeuticsFrancePrimary PreventionConnected device

A global insurer distributes POP Solution to promote cardiometabolic risk prevention

We built an innovative, fast and digital risk screening and awareness program dedicated to employees and the general population. In one place, participants take instant screening tests, share with our nurses, and take home personalized advice.

Digital TherapeuticsEuropeBig PharmaPublic Health

Participation in a European Public Health Campaign on cardiometabolic & bone risks

With our POP Solution, more than 5,000 people, across 10 cities, were able to benefit from digital screening tests with instant results and advice. Anonymized data collected help to improve tomorrow’s health.

Digital TherapeuticsCorporate healthPrimary PreventionFrance

Corporate risk screening platform managed by Occupational Health

We help Occupational Health Departments to manage health prevention at work (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, addictions, sleep quality, etc.) and to provide personalized advice based on the different risk assessments performed.

Digital TherapeuticsCare coordinationClinical decision supportNetherlands

Digital patient care pathway management for bariatric surgery

Developed for the past 7 years with Catharina hospital (center of Excellence in Netherlands) to improve the care-pathway. Already 7.000+ patients benefited from this eHealth program.

Clinical ResearchDigital TherapeuticsePROFranceAcademic

A Companion App & clinical study for patient suffering from chronic pain

We built a Companion App with an integrated Chatbot for patients, linked in real-time to an HCP interface for daily follow-up. Simultaneously, a clinical study is led to determine the impact of this Companion App on patient quality of life.

Clinical ResearchAcademicPacific IslandsePRO

Direct-to-participant data capture solution ePRO to study dietary habits

The objective of the study is to analyze the dietary habits of inhabitants of the Pacific Islands living in rural areas. Through our ePRO Solution, data about food that participants have ingested in the last 24 hours can be collected for the study.

Clinical ResearchCROePROeCOAeCRFEurope

A European Core Lab integrates our solutions to optimize Big Pharma clinical trials

Since 2020, a European Cardiac Safety Core Lab provides its Big Pharma customers with our virtual trial solutions: ePRO/eCOA App for patient real-life data capture and eCRF web platform for HCPs clinical data collection

Clinical ResearchEuropeMedical DeviceeCRFeCOA

A European Orthopaedic Med Dev uses our eCRF for all its clinical study management

We provide our eCRF solution for the data collection, management and hosting of their European long-terms clinical trials, assessing the clinical effect and follow-up on the whole portfolio of our MD partner.

Digital TherapeuticsFranceAcademicAdherence tracking

Adherence tracking companion App for chronic inflammatory rheumatism patients

We supports patients with a Digital Companion App (forms, eLearning, …) enabling HCPs to manage and follow inflammatory rheumatism treatments adherence (medication intake, level of inflammation, …)

IoT integrationClinical ResearchDigital TherapeuticsEurope

Connected soles are directly integrated in our modular core platform

As part of the “plug & play” modules of our unique core platform, we have integrated Digitsole connected soles, enabling real-time records of walking, running and foot orientation in space. Data captured are processed by AI algorithms to compute spatiotemporal parameters, kinematics and biomarkers.

Digital TherapeuticsIBDAcademicsPatient Support

Companion App for patients suffering Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis

With 6000+ patient users in France, MICI Connect is an easy-to-use Companion App aiming at improving patient education, support and quality of life. The App includes visio-conference with Expert patients, eLearning contents, questionnaires & follow-up trackers.

Clinical ResearchTeenagersAcademicsePRO

App linked to a clinical study for patients suffering from drepanocytosis

A 2-years long clinical study is currently conducted by the drepanocytosis center of Robert Debré in order to demonstrate the efficiency of Applidrep, a companion App aiming at improving the remote medical follow-up of teenagers with drepanocytosis.

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