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The current COVID-19 pandemic pushed clinical trial industry towards new horizons. Travel and social distancing restrictions kept Monitors and Participants from going to sites.

Clinical research needed to focus on business continuity and adopt decentralized research approaches.

Taking full advantage of digital technologies, virtual trials have the potential to drive significant change in the way clinical trials are conducted.
Thus, Sponsors adopted new technology such as eMonitoring or eConsent, to allow for trial participant and enrollment activities to continue remotely.

Now, discover step by step how to conduct your clinical trials remotely.

Virtual Trial Technology Suite

PHASE 1 | Site staff training

Investigators consult all study documentation and perform online training and associated evaluation directly in the eCRF or eCOA.

PHASE 2 | Patient recruitment & consent

Recruit patient remotely through an online interactive portal. Easily collect patient consent thanks to an intuitive and validated eConsent tool.

PHASE 3 | Study Data Collection

Seamless direct-to-patient data capture thanks to our ePRO solutions. In parallel, patient clinical data easily collected by investigators via our intuitive eCOA and eCRF tools.

PHASE 4 | Study Data Monitoring

Optimize and improve data quality of your clinical trials thanks to our intuitive eMonitoring and eSourceDataVerification modules, directly available in the eCRF. Improve communication with investigators via secure messaging & vision-conference modules

Bepatient can support you in this Virtual Trial Transformation. We capitalize on our 10 years of experience in the Clinical Research sector to propose comprehensive, intuitive and secure digital solutions, involving both Patients, Investigators, Monitors and Sponsors.

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