November, 2017 / Sydney, Australia – After the success of the pilot study in New Caledonia in November 2016, the iEngage team is proud to announce the launch of the program in New South Wales, Australia.

BEPATIENT, The University of Sydney

and The University of New Caledonia team

up for the second year to launch the

iEngage Program in Australia for 2017

iEngage is an e-Health education program developed in collaboration with The University of Sydney, The University of New Caledonia and BEPATIENT.

Using activity trackers and game-based learning modules supported by the BEPATIENT platform, this school-based program aims at influencing children’s behavior in the long term, by increasing their physical activity and changing their eating habits.

iEngage in Sydney, Australia. 

Following the success of the pilot study in New Caledonia last year, the iEngage team has received a grant from Diabetes Australia, the largest diabetes association in the country. Thanks to this financial support, further technology developments have been made to the iEngage program and the team was able to launch it in Sydney, Australia.

Quizzes and physical activities

During the whole month of November, 33 year 6 children will play the iEngage program during class time. Through an App, they will do fun activities, test their knowledge with quizzes, and develop their physical skills and competences in assessing their physical activity. They also get rewards for their progress, challenge themselves with setting objectives and missions, and wear an activity tracker to learn how to move more and eat better.

Next Step

For the iEngage team is to progressively scale up the program in 2018 and to deploy it in a larger pool of schools in Australia and the Pacific Region, especially in remote areas.

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